GWI is now taking orders for the eSpyder electric aircraft

The eSpyder is available in the US for $39,990 for an experimental amateur built kit, and it is available for €34,990 as a completed aircraft in Europe. Please send customer inquiries for the US to: Tony Settember () and inquiries for Europe to: Mario Bahlouli () to receive additional information about how you can experience clean, quiet, affordable electric flight. GWI is currently working on support for other regions and will send updates as soon as they are available.

The eSpyder became the world’s first electric aircraft to receive a national certification when it was awarded the German DULV approval in February 2013. This single seat open-cockpit aircraft offers pilots an unprecedented flight experience with the quiet, clean electric propulsion system allowing maximum enjoyment of their flight experience. Based on a proven airframe, the eSpyder has received numerous upgrades to create the ultimate personal flying vehicle for enjoying the thrill of flight without the noise, operating cost, or vibration of a traditional powerplant.

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