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GreenWing International (GWI) is a leading general aviation company focused entirely on clean, efficient, affordable electric flight.  Our eSpyder single-seat and e430 two-seat aircraft make use of the leading electric propulsion technologies developed by Yuneec International since 2008. The era of electric flying has arrived and we are proud to be able to make electric flight a reality.

GWI has announced that we are now taking deposits for orders for the eSpyder. Pricing is $39,990 in the US for an experimental amateur built kit, and €34,990 for a completed aircraft in Europe.

Latest News

Erik Lindbergh

Erik Lindbergh Takes First Electric Flight

July 12, 2013
Recently Erik Lindbergh, a major supporter of clean affordable…

e430 Undergoes Refinement

June 30, 2013
The e430 aircraft has undergone significant refinement since…
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